Walking at the Manor Fields during the Covid-19 emergency

We encourage people to use the Manor Fields to exercise during this Coronavirus crisis

To discourage gatherings our car park is closed and there is pedestrian access only

But we need you to exercise physical distancing

Please do not meet up with other people to train for sports

Parent please do not drop off your teenagers to meet with others to train or play

Please walk or run only in a clockwise direction around our Astro pitch

Please leave plenty of room when overtaking slower people

If you stop to chat to someone please stand at least 2m apart

Please do not let your children interact with other children or families

Bear in mind no gatherings are allowed (other than from the same family unit) under order of the government and that applies here

There should be no need for anyone to drive to our facility if you are within 2km and we ask that you don’t park on the access road to the Manor Fields in case of emergency and we require ambulance access

The Guards are monitoring the facility and should people from outside the 2km radius continue to come here they will send you home, possibly fine you and may even close us down

Keep fit but stay safe everyone