Please Slow Down Near The Manor Fields

As the weather gets better the amount of people using the Manor Fields increases as does the traffic into and out of the facility, so please remember to slow down.

Slow Down Children Around

Our award winning playground is hugely poplar with families and schools and other orgainisations and when the sun is out the numbers driving to the Manor Fields increase

Please bear in mind that there are children running around the playground area, the grass pitches and in the car park. These kids may be often too small to see in your mirrors so please take extra care when in our car park

And lots of people choose to walk to the Manor Fields so also please be aware of these pedestrians on the approach road to the facility

Finally there is a housing estate on the same approach road with many young children coming to and from the estate at all hours. We would like to ask you to please bear our close neighbors in mind also when coming to and from the Manor Fields

We hope you enjoy using our fantastic, ever expanding facility this summer but please be safe. Remember Speed Kills so please slow down near the Manor Fields


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