January 3, 2023

Walk for Wellness 2024

What is the Walk for Wellness? 

The Walk for Wellness is an initiative from the Manor Fields Adare to increase the wellness of the community in 2024, using the tagline, “Our Community Together, creating a wellbeing culture”.

It is also a fundraiser for the Manor Fields Adare – our target for this event is €23,000

It will comprise of a Community Walking Challenge and a series of other events such as information sessions, talks, primary school kids Athletic Development and activities. 

This is a major cross-community initiative and we are seeking support across schools, clubs, organisations, from Adare and the surrounding areas. 

How can I contribute to the Walk 4 Wellness Fundraising?

There are a number of ways in which you can support the fundraising:

  • Make a Once off donation through Go Fund Me or PayPal – Click Here for Go Fund Me or Click Here for PayPal 
  • Talk to your employer and seek their support
  • Create a Group of family/friends to take on the “Walk 4 Wellness” challenge e.g. €10 per person per week – 10 people will have donated €500.  1 person make the on-line donation.
  • Collect a sponsorship card from The Manor Fields
  • Make a cash donation in Adare Pharmacy

When does it begin? 

The Walk for Wellness begins on Monday January 8th 2024

Where can I walk ?

You can walk wherever you wish. We hope to see people meet and walk in The Manor Fields every evening at 7pm – but you can suit your own schedule and preferences. We are even reaching out to people as far away as Australia, Dubai and America to Walk 4 Wellness !

How do I participate? 

You can participate by committing to walk a certain distance or for a certain amount of time every day or week for the duration of the challenge or by attending one or a number of the additional events

We hope to see family, friends and individuals participate and get involved. Primary school kids will receive sponsorship cards and can commit to completing a challenge e.g. walking every day or week with you or their friends. 

Is there a registration fee? 

No, but we would like you donate, whatever you can afford to our “Walk for Wellness” fund. €3.1 million of capital projects have been delivered for the benefit of the community so far. All proceeds will go to support the development of The Manor Fields, which has a current bank debt of €410,000.  

Scan Here to donate with Go Fund Me
Scan Here to donate with PayPal

How do I track my steps/km’s?

You can download the Irish Life – My Life App from either the Apple  App Store or the Google Play Store on your smart phone. Link here: https://mylife.irishlife.ie/home

Download the App 

Then you need to join the Manor Fields Adare Walk for Wellness team. 

1. Tap Social > Available Challenges > (Province+) Every Step Counts > Join
2. If your club is already registered you will be able to join under Select Team

We are registered under Munster GAA / Adare Manor Fields 

Then you can link the app to your smart fitness device or apps 

Just click here to see exactly how to connect to your Fitbit or other devices. 

Apart from walking what other activities will be available? 

Each Monday evening at 6-8pm, for primary schools girls and boys, a free series of 5 Proper Running Technique clinics will take place here at The Manor Fields Adare 

A series of additional events such as information sessions, talks, primary school kids Athletic Development and activities. will be lined up, details of which will be announced shortly